Book design.

I have refined the design of my photo book and allowed the Photographs themselves to speak for the project. The book is HP Indigo printed on Mohawk superwhite ultrafine paper (too many super's and ultra's for my liking) The paper is 148gsm and it's beautiful haptic qualities lend it to book making. I chose the paper because it feels like matte paper to the touch, However, It is lightly coated allowing detail in the shadows and quality colour reproduction. 

book read through_4.JPG

I have hand stitched a text inlay in the book which adds a sense of curiosity and discovery to the work, thus reflecting the nature of the project. 

The book is covered with Brown Colorplan and is wrapped with a sash. The end papers are translucent blue which fits well with the colour palette used in many of the photographs and also allows the text to be partially concealed by the paper, encouraging touch and investigation.

The sequence and selection of photographs in the book have altered and refined through a number of prototypes. In the coming year I aspire to have a small batch published.