Commercial shoot : Thai food

The first commercial shoot of 2017. 

Hopefully, this should make you hungry? or maybe the whole vegetable thing isn't for you. I'm trying to keep on trend with this one... Next week I will be photographing a fresh ground coffee filtered through a hipster's beard.

Jokes aside, I have a passion for cooking and I believe the best food is what the earth pushes up from the ground. I would really like to branch out the commercial side of my practice to support and promote this.

Photographed and styled by me.

 All rights reserved.

Behind the scenes...


I used a Mamiya 67 with digital back. The camera provides amazing resolution so any opportunities for printing or other commercial use is always accessible.

In terms of lighting, I kept it minimal and clean. I feel like if things are two complicated when photographing food its becomes less appealing and more synthetic looking.

Furthermore, I discovered the importance of food styling. I undertook this one myself but realised it would serve me well to outsource in future.