Divebar printing - Exhibition!

I have recently received a beautiful print from Divebar, an independent print service based in Brighton and setup by Jack Latham. Because the team are passionate and skilled when it comes to photography I know they will strive for graet print quality. 

Exhibition print no 1

Exhibition print no 1

I went with Ilford gold fiber silk as a paper. This paper is known for its resemblance to traditional silver halide archive paper. It has a light shine and can produce a remarkable color gamut. Lots of my photographs have are on the green/blue end of the scale and this paper offers me the ability to render those colours well.

Initially, I printed at our university service but the limited paper stock detered me in this instance. I thought I would pay for expert printing and quality framing to finish with a final product that I am truly proud of.

Now just need them to flatten and get them framed!